As part of our commitment to the lifestyle and the BDSM community, I am available for educational workshops and presentations in the Midwest and beyond. I will be happy to discuss options for events, local groups, and individual education and consulting.

Please feel free to email me for further details.


Educational Services

Myself and my submissives provide a variety of presentations and demos. Most of the presentations are an hour in duration and include interactive discussions and/or hands on demonstrations complete with handouts and take home materials. Topics that we present include:
bulletDefining yourself as a Dominant
bulletThe Dynamics of a Poly Family
bulletIntroduction to Rope Bondage
bulletIntermediate Rope Bondage Techniques and Ties


For individuals who are looking for individual education and consulting about lifestyle issues, I do offer a personal mentoring service. THIS IS NOT DOMINATION. If that is what you are seeking I would suggest any of a number of sites which list professional Dominants. I am strictly involved only in education and the mentoring individuals and couples regarding lifestyle issues and choices.

Services are delivered in a variety of modes suitable for your individual needs.  This can be by phone, private online chat or in person. Interested individuals, couples, or poly families/groups should contact me by email.

Terms and Conditions

Participation in any of these services is voluntary and by the discretion of the participant. By participating, the individual is indicating that they are in sound physical condition to participate in the planned activities, such as hands on educations sessions.

While effective consultation and mentoring provides guidance and is based on many of the same principles as professional counseling (such as effective listening, an attitude of genuine and sincere caring and clarification of your goals) neither I nor my submissives are medical or mental health professionals.  Furthermore, we will refer those who require professional psychotherapy services to licensed professionals as the treatment of psychological issues is beyond the mandate of our consultation/mentoring program.  We reserve the right to refuse or limit service provision.


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