Here is a list of web sites you may not be familiar with that I have found interesting and informative.

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Darque & Light

A wealth of information about the Black BDSM culture can be found at this site!


Jimi Tatu's site for Japanese Rope Arts.  

Rainbow Rope

Rainbow Rope (our favorite rope supplier). 

The Frugal Domme  

This is a very good site for perspectives on D/S relationships and introducing your vanilla partner to your interest in BDSM. 

Soul Connected  

A Danish site that has English translations for many of their pages.

Chicago Rope & Mummification Club

An excellent place for "On-line Learning Shibari, Japanese style rope"

Dungeon Magic
A site with very good resources and that features a BDSM retreats and training.  
Rope Fashions

lynn's web site with tutorials on rope preparation, knots, and other how-to's


Reverend Kensho Furuya said in a column about aikido:

"At whatever level you achieve, if you think you "deserve" a black belt, or if you think you are now "good enough" to be a black belt, you are way off the mark, and, indeed a very long way from reaching your black belt. Train hard, be humble, don't show off in front of your teacher or other students, don't complain about any task and do your best in everything in your life. This is what it means to be a black belt. To be overconfident, to show off your skill, to be competitive, to look down on others, to show a lack of respect, and to pick and chose what you do and don't do (believing that some jobs are beneath your dignity) characterize the student who will never achieve black belt. What they wear around their waist is simply a piece of merchandise brought for a few dollars in a martial arts supply store. The real black belt, worn by a real black belt holder, is the white belt of a beginner, turned black by the colour of his blood and sweat."

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